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Welcome to Central Florida Life Coaching & Educational Therapy

 I am proud to welcome you to the premier Life Coaching and Educational Therapy practice in Central Florida.  I am Bridget Zoltek, a Certified Life Coach and Educational Therapist.  I have a proven track record of +22 years of unsurpassed success in creating permanent change in how people learn and communicate in the Central Florida area. This change is sustainable and transformational.  I will first begin with an in-depth interview to determine if I am the right professional for the job. If not, I will refer you to someone who can better meet your needs. If we agree to continue working together, I will perform a comprehensive analysis of any previous testing, evaluations, or other important information from your life history.  This allows me to see the whole person that you are today and why your current situation needs to change.  After the analysis, if no further evaluations are needed, we team together to develop a customized treatment plan that will address any specific issues, obvious or underlying, that I have found.  Most treatment plans have a unique combination of instruction, dynamic theraputic exercises, and Life Coaching.  Each treatment plan is only for somewhere between ten and twenty sessions.  After the initial set of sessions, your progress is evaluated and summarized and we decide if we will move on to the next stage of your growth. After I share the treatment plan with you, we then review the enrollment commitment forms, discuss scheduling, and come to an agreement about payment arrangements.  Then, the transformation begins.